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Because there is such an extensive variety of Thai dishes that taste really good and have to be eaten with rice, Thai people believe that eating a meal should be a shared and collective experience. Therefore, Thai people prefer to eat together and share everything in the middle so that everyone gets to taste a little bit of everything.

The term “Kub Khao” translates into “with rice”, meaning they are Thai dishes that are meant to be eaten with rice, because the rice will help take away some of the spicy and tasty flavors of these dishes. Thai food is well known for its spices, herbs, and flavors. So mixing these tasty dishes with a bite of rice forms a perfect blend that has made Thai food a favorite around the world today.

Oh….and don’t forget to use a spoon and fork. The fork pushes the rice onto the spoon and the food goes into the mouth via the spoon not the fork. Serving spoons for each dish is a common practice as well.